ProProfs Shows How They Become the YouTube of Education

How do you provide value in education? Give them options. And that's what Sameer Bhatia and his team at ProProfs have done. Starting out with a simple quiz tool, ProProfs have pivoted onto what is an educational and training goldmine. Sameer discusses how tapping into a global market helps learners succeed and how a customer's voice shaped their product offerings you see today.

The YouTube of Quizzes and Courses

"The need we are fulfilling is a simple and flexible solution for online education and assessment"

"Anytime Anywhere(through mobile) aspect is what we solve"

"what we look at it(ProProfs) as the YouTube of Quizzes and Courses where any learner can come in and find topics of interest to them"

SocialGreg's Uptake

By having the ability to share knowledge over a variety of topics around the world on-demand is really ProProfs' power. The ability to be online and get at training tools at a moments notice is really valuable especially with the ever-growing mobile footprint. Another takeaway from my interview of Sameer was his emphasis of listening to the customer voice. Something we often overlook in developing products. On the instructor side, they have analytic tools to look at their test holistically which is very hard to do with "paper and pencil." What if you have ability to change a test, quiz on the fly and see how your learners have adjusted and learned? It is called ProProfs. Give the "YouTube of Quizzes and Courses" a try.

If you want to find out more about ProProfs visit their website or follow them on twitter, like them on Facebook, +1 them on Google+.

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