On the Road with New Tech Tour

We tagged along with the New Tech Tour last week through San Diego, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. Our Greg Viloria aka SocialGreg gives his impressions of each of the cities tech scenes.

San Diego

The New Tech Tour lead off with a stop in San Diego - specifically Solana Beach at the The Belly Up. Very impressed with the San Diego tech scene. It is not all about Qualcomm. This event had a feel of a typical SF New Tech event-networking and a good cross section of people. This was the biggest crowd of all the cities on the tour. Here is a quick summary of the companies that pitched.


Matt Wickstrand, CEO 
Kareer.me is Salesforce for Talent. Companies create beautiful, engaging employer branding profiles that help them showcase their brand, office, team, benefits, company life, and more in order to attract and engage with the top talent they want. Potential talent can browse companies in an experience similar to Stumbleupon and follow their favorite companies or opportunities.  


Austin Neudecker, Co-Founder 
Yealthy is in a up and coming area of the health industry with a suite of patient communications tools (automated follow-up + mobile communicator) focused on reducing readmissions. They help transitional care nurses manage their workflow and handle most of their actions automatically.  


Lisa Isaacson, CBDO 
NuLEDs offer lighting over IP which are Intelligent lighting systems that power and communicate through Ethernet IT infrastructure. We are development partners with Cisco and integration partners  like Crestron.

GFTGTHR ('Gift Gather') 

Cynthia Kellogg, Founder 
Conceived by wedding planning. Gift Gather offers a personalized crowd-gifting service that enables you to get exactly what you want.


Jeff Fildey, CEO 
GoFormz uses the paper forms you already have to help complete them electronically on mobile devices.  

Scoreboard Social 

Scoreboard Social 
Tyler Anderson, Co-Founder 
Born from people who use Social Media to promote clients. Scoreboard Social is an affordable and easy to use tool to get social media analytics and reporting for your competitors, industry leaders and top brands. Their tool provides actionable reporting and is also a great content curation tool to engage and share proven engaging social media content. 


Daniel Wang, CEO & Co-Founder
Nifty.io allows you to find new homes for your excess stuff in your social network. You'd love to help your friends, right?, That's where Nifty comes in to give away that space consuming but memorable item.

Salt Lake City

To be honest with you, my initial reaction before I touched down in Salt Lake City was "really? We are going to Salt Lake City. But after I interacted with the people there it warmed my heart. Affectionally known as the "Silicon Slopes" to locals, the sense of community impressed me. The group was a mix of locals and transplants from other areas with a great tech resume. Here is a summary of the startups that presented.



Brent Jacobsen, COO

Increasing conversions with trusted social proof.  Their product helps companies to easily collect handwritten testimonials at their point of sale, and then automatically publishes those reviews to the company's website. Good way to increase engagement.

Skycrane, Inc.  

Erin Valenti, CEO & Founder

Skycrane is an online and mobile marketplace that helps business owners and employees work smarter by enabling them to outsource and automate their work.


Alexander Kiss, Founder

Vinny is a free app which instantly shows you the wholesale price of a used car. Use this in real-time and never get ripped off again when buying or trading in a used car!



Scott Paul, CEO

Voto is the Social Network for "Which" akin to Hot Or Not. A simple platform for voting on photos.  Its ranked in the top 50 for several weeks for social-networking category on iTunes. They say every  day millions of votes are casted across several thousand user generated photo contests.  


Lance Ellsworth, EVP

AirVend is a distributed POS hardware and SaaS solution for innovation in the 119 Billion dollar Unattended Retail Industry(aka Vending). AirVend offers inventory control, mobile payment, and advertising. 


Austen Allred, CEO

Grasswire uses tiny actions of thousands of people to curate social media content in real time.  Grasswire pulls in data from all of the social media sources for a specific event or hash tag and streams them in real time. As they stream, users favorite the best stuff, automatically generating a blog-like page with the top content from each event.

Pricing Healthcare

Pricing Healthcare
Randy Cox, Founder & CEO
Pricing Healthcare helps consumers see and compare healthcare prices in full view, nationwide. Their model is to help patients come together at the grass roots level, and anonymously share the pricing data from their healthcare bills. That data is then combined and shown for your specific community, anywhere in the country. Consumers can save hundreds and thousands of dollars, comparing prices and finding the best healthcare at the lowest price. This maybe important once Obama-care kicks in.


Michael Bhanos, Founder & CEO

WeatherYouWear is a technology platform making clothing and equipment choices for you based on your local weather, activities, and your personal preferences. 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas the city of tech and not sin. Well, not quite but it seems to be moving that direction. With the pending zappos mega campus on the north side in old downtown and the inNEVation center on the south side, it seems the tech scene here has some legs. This was the final leg of the New Tech Tour and was held at the inNEVation center of Las Vegas. Here is the rundown.



Joe Herrera, CEO
Born in the city of events, Tabeso is an iPhone app that connects the best event information in the world and combines that data with your social connections. Whether you're looking for free plays in the park, or the best concerts coming to your town...they gather data from sources across the globe and put them at your finger tips. Tabeso gives you the most popular sharing features so that you can easily attend events with your friends and family so they can attend as well.
tabeso.com | @tabeso

ALICE Receptionist (WinTech LLC)

Mike Yoder, CTO
As seen in the lobby of the inNEVation center, ALICE, the 2-Way virtual video receptionist is changing the future of your front desk or lobby. They don't claim to put receptionists out of business but to augment growing companies as they expand their floor space. 

Nihongo Master


Taylor Dondich, Founder

Nihongo Master is an online social language learning experience. Immediately you realize you are learning alongside other people and are rewarded for competing and collaborating with others. The modern version of Rosetta Stone they say. You can scoring points and gaining achievements which makes learning a language fun and keeps you engaged.



Brian Liebzeit, Founder
histuffy is a way to honor your cherished stuff.  You can create and share your own museum of personal objects and the memories they hold. 

LazyHusband by MER LV Labs


Ethan Duggan, 12 year old developer

When it’s too hard to actually say it, LazyHusband comes to your rescue.  Here's Ethan's quick story "One day, my mom came home with a bunch of new clothes. She kept asking me how she looked. Then I realized, "I have a smart phone in my hand." So I recorded myself saying "You look wonderful." I decided to make that into an app. So over the summer, I taught myself Javascript, HTML, and CSS. It took a few months, but I built the app (using Phonegap) then eventually got it approved by Apple. I also built an Android and Kindle version. All 3 version launched at SXSW. Since then, I've build LazyKid and LazyWife and just started on my next app, Bargument."



Mickey Hernandez, Founder and CEO
imagoo is a real-time social polling app and Web platform that lets consumers, brands and businesses issue challenges and comparisons and vote on content.
http://imagoo.com | @imagoochallenge

SocialGreg's Uptake

We take things for granted living in the Silicon Valley and SF Tech communities. Are we so arrogant to believe things center here - Yeah! The New Tech Tour was a humbling experience of communities trying to build an infrastructure of tech and that some great services and apps can be in your back door. Great to see the tech communities thrive outside of SF. Can't wait for the next tour. What are your thoughts?


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