bunnie:studios Brings Open Source Laptop to the Maker Market

I thought DIY PCs were a thing of the past. One thing to note, they were never open source - always in jail-mode. Enter bunnie:studios Novena the truly open source, Jail-broken, Linux-based laptop. You want the pc board gerber files, or the Linux code, or the 3D case models, you can download it. How cool is that? Who can bet against co-founders named "bunnie" and "xobs?" We interview co-founder, Andrew "bunnie" Huang at the 2014 Maker Faire about their open source creation. Give it a view.

Open Source is Important

"we made it open source and hackable so that others, who are developers, can use, improve or hack what they want with it"

"you can download all the hardware, software source codes"

"If you look at our title, we are called Ronin on our business cards - we are samurai without masters"


SocialGreg's Uptake

Wow, amazing what passion, some elbow grease and pure knowledge can bring you. The amazing thing talking to "bunnie" is the confidence that he exudes. That's the confidence it would take me to open up my hardware and hack it. Hey, this is the Silicon Valley where failure is not an option but a learning experience. I thought Raspberry Pi was cool but to have a full featured laptop with all the cool bells and whistles ready to be exploited was just heaven to me. Novena is full featured "armed" with a Freescale (ex-Motorola Semiconductor) iMX9, ARM Cortex-A9 based CPU running the show. It uses all SSD. It has what they call a "port farm" which is a replaceable side panel so if you redesign the motherboard(yes, you heard right!) you can layout your own custom design. To get more information visit, novena.io.


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