Tech for Your Tennis Game with Shot Stats one of our #makerfaire Favorites

Shot Stats Challenger fits on any tennis racket and reveals key stats about your swing.

Challenger finally allows you to instantly view your stats after every swing. Off court, you can sync Challenger with your phone or computer to view and track your improvement over time.

Challenger fits onto your racket like a normal dampener. An integrated latch lets you remove Challenger from your racket in seconds, but ensures that it will never come off on its own. The angular design and matte black finish resemble an object that’s constantly in stealth mode. Turn Challenger on and a bright display appears – your window into your game. Your racket takes a lot of abuse – and so can Challenger thanks to its high-strength aircraft aluminum body.


Unlike other activity trackers, Challenger can be used standalone. You don’t need to have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to see your stats! However, if you do have a mobile device, your data can really be brought to life. Tracking your progress over time has never been easier and the ability to overlay your stats onto slow-motion video - in real-time using the in-app camera – gives you a powerful look into your game. Evolution mode allows you to track your trends and progress over time to provide even more insight. You can also examine specific sessions to get a deeper understanding.

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