Osmo. Play Beyond the Screen #parenting

Tangible Play is creating a New Play Movement with the launch of its inaugural product Osmo built around its proprietary Reflective Artificial Intelligence technology. Osmo aims to unleash the boundaries of the screen and expands the playing field onto any surface in front of the connected tablet by turning any real world objects - pen, paper, clay, blocks, etc. into a digitally connected game piece that interacts with the digital device.

Osmo comes with three interactive games built from the ground up called Newton, Tangram and Words, that all use Osmo's Reflective AI and encourages creative thinking and social interaction.

Osmo officially launches on May 22, 2014, using crowdfunding to raise $50,000 to help complete manufacturing of the product and garner early feedback. The device will retail for $99, but presale backers will get discount pricing starting at $49 (limited availability). Special discounts include $5 off for every friend you refer. Osmo is expected to start shipping its first devices this summer - join the Play Movement!
Find out more and help spread the Play Movement by pre-ordering Osmo here: http://www.playosmo.com/


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