Interview with Kid's First 3D Printing Book Maker - Carla Diana

We just had to get the backstory of this incredible engineer, designer turned author - Carla Diana. She was promoting her book called "Leo the Maker Prince" at the 2014 Maker Faire - Bay Area. This is the first kid's book on 3D printing by MAKE or Maker Media. Carla's mission is to invoke a sense of design at an early age(or kids at heart) with a great storytelling book about Carla who wanted to become an artist when she grew up. She became an accountant instead(sound familiar out there?). Then, Carla’s life of numbers and “sense” was changed by meeting LEO, the Maker Prince. And through LEO’s magic of 3D printing—Carla finally became the artist she’d long ago wished to be. Watch our interview to get some insights on the book from Carla (the real Carla).

"Leo the Maker Prince" Makes Dreams Possible

"There are characters who interact with a 3D printing robot"

"The book is both real and fiction at the same time - a story about me (Carla)"

"Get kids to recognize that there are people who dream about objects"

SocialGreg's Uptake

The book is a "follow your dreams" type of book. Leo the 3D printing robot helps each of the characters achieve their dreams. I think Carla's approach is the right one. Get kids thinking about design and how objects in real life are created and that will keep fueling the creative force behind the Maker movement. Great book for kids to wet or light their creative thirst. Carla even shares the 3D Printing files to make some of the objects in the book. You can purchase "LEO the Maker Prince" from Amazon.comBarnes & Noble and O'Reilly @ Find out more about Carla and her book at


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