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Chip is an easy and fun electronics kit for everyone.  Attach the Pixel Power base and play.  Plug Chip into an Arduino and he becomes a friend you can program. Chip's cross activity design builds S.T.E.M / S.T.E.A.M skils.

CHIP - An electronics kit with character 

Chip is cute and playful. Whether he is on your desk in his Pixel Power board or in an Arduino, his big LED eyes draw you in. His large size makes him easy for makers of all ages and skills to build. 
  • Chip is easy to build for all skill levels, especially beginners
  • Chip encourages exploration and play.
  • Chip can be used to learn other skills, such as programming. 
  • Chip is fun. 
  • Chip builds S.T.E.A.M. Skills
Many soldering kits do not offer anything more than a battery and a LED. Once completed, those kits end up in a drawer, never to be used again. At the other end of the spectrum, there are electronic kits that are really interesting but have so many parts that they are intimidating for beginners. That is why we designed Chip to be simple to assemble and interactive when complete. 

Chip Builds S.T.E.M / S.T.E.A.M Skills

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math education. STEAM is about developing innovators and critical thinkers. It is about real world learning. 
In the real world, content knowledge is interwoven and layered, not isolated.  STEAM curriculum focuses on collaboration, cooperation, and communication through project-based cross subject learning. In the real world, for example, baking a cake requires one to use math, science, and art to accomplish the task. 
Chip is designed with these STEAM foundations in mind. Chip builds on skills and grows from an instructional electronics kit, to a soldering skill builder,  to a tool you can learn programming with.   

Pixel Power

Each Chip comes with it's own Pixel Power.  When Chip is not in an Arduino, the Pixel Power is his stand and battery power.  Like Chip, the Pixel Power is a cross-medium, multifunctional board and skill builder. 
The Pixel Power starts as a kit, but when assembled it can be used for other projects. For example, it can be used with conductive thread as a sewable battery and switch for e-craft and e-textile projects. 

The Pixel Pals

Chip is a part of the Pixel Pals. He and his friends live on Planet M and they love making, tinkering, and inventing.  Through their adventures, they learn about different materials and technologies, solve problems, and explore new ideas. 
We have plans for all the Pixel Pals. Each Pixel Pal has their own personality and functionality. Like Chip, they work as a standalone character or they can plug into Arduino.
We see the Pixel Pals as a way to connect with young makers and encourage them to explore and create.
The Pixel Pals journey started almost two years ago. We wanted characters that would be fun, have personality, and could be used to build STEAM and Maker skills. After many trials, we commissioned an artist who drew us the sketch below. When we saw it, we knew instantly that these were the Pixel Pals we envisioned. We have expanded the Pixel Pals to include eight characters and we plan to release each of them.
The Pixel Pals are not just electronics, but rather a set of characters that cross physical and digital mediums from electronics, e-crafts, 3D printing, programing, and digital design. Chip already has an adventure workbook.
At the Greater Newark Area Mini Maker Faire we introduced the very first Pixel Pal adventure - PIXEL PALS RESCUE MISSION: HELP CHIP FIX HIS CIRCUITS. The book is an introduction to paper circuits where you have to help Chip repair his ship. Geared towards the youngest makers, the activities in the book use everyday materials to create circuits. This and our current Kickstarter are just the tip of the iceberg of how we see the Pixel Pals can be used to build STEAM skills.


Planned Reward Options

CHIP with "Personal-Eyes"  Make Chip's eyes any color you like. You will receive a Chip and a Pixel Power kit that includes everything you need plus sets of Blue, Red, Green, Yellow LEDs for his eyes so that you can "Personal-Eyes" him.  We will have several early bird (December 2014 delivery)  and discounted combo packs available.  
Bag-o-Chips: Large sets of kits ready for your group, club. classroom, or makerspace. All of course with enough LEDs for each person to "Personal-Eyes" their own Chip. 

Chip + SALDUINO UNO R3: Everything you need to play. Chip, the Pixel Power, and a SALDUINO UNO R3 (our version of an Arduino UNO R3).


Kit Components:

Each Kit Includes: CHIP PCB, Pixel Power PCB, (2) Buttons, Slide Switch, Male Right Angle Header, Female Header, (2) 220Ohm Resistors, Battery Clip, (2) 10mm Blue LEDS, (2) 10mm Red LEDS, (2) 10mm Green LEDS, (2) 10mm Yellow LEDs, (1) 2032 3-volt Battery


We love the Arduino Uno R3. It is one of the best boards for beginners and advanced Arduino users alike.  We just wanted a few more features to make it better for everyone so we created the SALDUINO UNO R3.  100% Arduino compatible and Chip fits perfectly.


About Soldering Sunday: An Adventure in Making Makers

The most import thing we make at Soldering Sunday is more makers. We believe that tinkering and making are part of who we are as humans and that the things makers make can change the world. It does not mater if you are an engineer, an artist, a mom, a dad, an educator, a student, a hobbyist, or a professional maker. We want to help you explore new ideas, connect with fellow makers, and create the things that you are passionate about.  
We have taught makers of all ages how to solder and it is exciting to see them completed their first soldering kit.  With Chip and the Pixel Pals we hope to bring that experience to more makers around the globe. But we need your help to do that. 


We Need Your Help

We need your help to bring Chip to life. We can't do it without you. Our goal is to launch our Kickstarter the first week of November and finish by first week of December.  We have lined up our suppliers and have funded the early-bird rewards out of our own pocket so that early bird shipments can be received in time for the holiday season. 
Our design is done. Our prototypes have been checked. All we need is your support. Please help us spread the word.  Join our Prefundia list and please pass the word around on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and Google+. Thank you. 


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