Stalking the Next Big One: Knowing This Startup Will Make Your Dog Happy


We are stalking the next "Whole Foods" for your best friend. We interview Candace Dannenbaum, CEO and founder of Barker Kitsen - a service that gives your urban dog some love. Candace talks about the exciting tech and dog service space, how the service came about and why she turned a finance career into a being an entrepreneur. Check it out.

Healthy Dog Treats for Your Best Friend

"Barker Kitsen is a a discovery platform that aims to connect urban pet parents to 'under the radar' products and new experiences"

"There are a lot of neat things happening in the tech and dog service space for dogs...there's Whistle - a fitbit for dogs and Petcube - which allows you to interact with your dog and watch your dog with your iPhone"

"We wanted to create a service that shares these great things on the local and national level"


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