What Brick and Mortars Can Do About Customer Engagement

Seems the tools for retailers are always in the hands of the 'haves' and not the 'have nots'. So, small retailers, here is your chance to have a high tech solution for engagement whose promise is to be simple. Cheers+ is based on the TV show "Cheers" where "everyone knows your name. We talk with Sri Palakanam of neurLABS who developed this product. The premise is simple, a customer walks in, a low power beacon detects the customer, alerts the store owner and then the fun begins. Watch how Sri describes this simple but effective solution.

Local not Global Sensing of Customers

"Cheers+ uses beacon proximity technology to help the store owner engage with the customer...to make them feel comfortable and have them come back more and more often"

"the beacon is only paired with a single app on the phone"

"privacy is in the customer's hands...to share whatever"

SocialGreg's Uptake

This service only the maintenance of the relationship by engagement. Customer acquisition and customer service still needs to be handled by the business owner which makes sense. It may be possible to get walk-ins if the app does "push notifications" but Sri is very sensitive to that model. What is unique is that their monetization model is all "performance based." You pay them based on the repeat customers that the service is bring back to you and they are targeting $100 or less per month. They are still in beta and trying to figure out the model but it may be worth trying out.


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