Stalking Greatness: This Cryptocurrency May Save America

In light of the social news network Reddit's announcement that it is planning its own cryptocurrency, a very big deal for its 115 million unique users per month, we talk with Eric Yaverbaum of town hall network Saving America which launched in September and is already featuring the use of cryptocurrency for its users. In many ways, the concepts are similar, except that Saving America already users already receive digital currency for their site interactions. We talk with Eric about how cryptocurrency will redefine interactions on social networks. Give it a view.

Digital Currency will help fund campaigns in the future

"(Through SavingAmerica) I am putting all my energy to create something, a platform, a digital town hall, a place where people to meet, exchange ideas, crowd fund, a little intellectual friction to make the country better"

"we believe in the future of digital currency…the SA coin is real, there is real value to it…rewarding people for voicing their opinion"

"…people don't get it yet…digital currency is yet to gain acceptance yet we feel comfortable swiping a card to get a cup of coffee"


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