Six Startups Chosen to Pitch At Japan Night in San Francisco

Printed Electronics, Wearable tech, cloud tech, robot tech, education tech, and Interactive Reality will be present at btrax's Japan Night VII. Six innovative companies were selected at the JapanNight semi-final in Tokyo earlier this month. On November 5, they come to SF to pitch at the popular Automattic Lounge in San Francisco. Check out your Nerd Stalker discount tickets here. Check them out!

Top Six Finalists

AgIC Circuit Printer and Circuit Maker – AgIC, Inc.

Printed electronics is an emerging market. AgIC circuit printers and circuit markers aim to make circuit board part of the maker community. Their circuit printers are off­-the­-shelf home inkjet printers with silver-based conductive ink. Customers can print their own circuit boards in a few minutes in the same way they print pictures at home and in the office. 

Sansan – Sansan, Inc.

Cloud technology here! Sansan is a collaborative cloud-based contact management service that transcribes business cards and enables businesses to share their network as a team. Through this service, users can transform everyday business encounters into usable data they can leverage. Sansan launched its platform in the U.S. in October 2014. 

planBCD – Kaizen Platform, Inc.

Need your Website tuned? planBCD is a service that helps businesses optimize their websites through precise data analytics, simplified A/B testing, and crowdsourcing top design talent.

Akerun – Photosynth Inc.

IoT is here! Akerun is a smart lock robot compatible with iPhones. It uses Bluetooth to lock and unlock your door by recognizing your phone, which acts as a digital key. The design is intuitive, easy to install and secure. 

Cafetalk – Small Bridge Inc.

Social language connections! Cafetalk is a service that connects tutors around the world with students interested in their classes. Students can learn to speak new languages or play musical instruments through private video classes conducted over Skype. All students have to do is find a class they like and reserve a time on the tutor’s schedule. 

Fove – Fove Inc.

Virtual Reality stand aside for Interactive Reality! FOVE is the first consumer head mount display for interacting with virtual worlds. The wearable device uses eye and motion tracking technology to control the display output, as opposed to existing virtual reality systems that rely on external controllers. Tracking eye movements allows the display to focus dynamically and naturally, greatly increasing realism and visual immersion.


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