Perserverance Does Pay Off in the Wearable Market

Early to the market? We talk with Akseli Reho who entered the wearable market over 15 years ago and now leads a Finnish company called Clothing+ delivering cutting-edge embedded wearable sensor solutions to companies like Adidas, Garmin, Under Armour, Philips and Timex. Remember the Polar strap. Yeah, they developed it. He discusses role of clothing sensing in creating new data sets and Clothing+'s view of embedded sensors into clothing. Check it out!

Wearables Evolve Clothing Past the Invent of the Pocket

 "Wearables should be opens a new window to physiological can't get better unless you see the data"

"Clothing creates the platform to place sensors to critical areas of the body"

"After 10 years, we see all sports clothing will have sensors built in"

Bonus: Akseli Reho talks about the management buy that led to today's Clothing+


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