Stalking Startups - How to Develop a Multi-Product Platform Without Getting Crushed

Most people would say developing a multi-product platform as a startup is challenging bordering on insane. Recently, Nathan Beckord, Captain and CEO of Foundersuite, wrote a post in LinkedIn giving some advice and encouragement to people who want or is developing a multi-product platform - all without getting yourself killed. In this interview, we go in depth on Nathan's philosophy on multi-product platform development. Nathan offers some 'pearls', some 'nuggets' of wisdom if you want to tackle this problem as a startup. Why not? Of course, Nathan's company offers a multi-product platform that helps startups. Give it a view!

Here's How to do it Without Getting Crushed

The Strategy #1 - Start with an "anchor tenant" product.

#2 - Build complementary products.
#3: Build ancillary "experiments."
#4: Tie it all together in an intuitive way. 

The Approach

  • Start with a thesis-- what does the world need, or what can be done better?
  • Gauge demand & test initial reaction with mockups and wireframes. Talk to users at every step of the way. 
  • Build a very simple Alpha version. Emphasis on simple. 
  • Release it into the wild & absorb feedback. Invite users into your office, and ask them to try out the new product in front of you in exchange for getting it free for a year. Collect feedback. 
  • Progressively-- yet selectively-- develop new versions. 
  • Streamline—don’t bloat.
  • Test, measure, and cull the herd.


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