Uptick Provides Human Touch in Sea of Fitness Technology

The Uptick Personality Match Algorithm connects clients with a real Wellness Coach using in-app text messaging, video chat, and photo messaging. The Uptick app also allows users to pair several popular fitness trackers and devices, giving coaches the ability to interpret and motivate based on live and historic data.

"Fitness and nutrition apps today lack a personal touch. You get a cookie-cutter plan and spend your day entering every calorie you eat. We don't think that's a great experience. Uptick matches you with a real person who gives you instant guidance and turns your device data into a powerful tool for your wellness."
-J.C. Mauricia VP, Product

Uptick’s Vice President of Product, J.C. Mauricia, will be presenting Uptick to the show’s developer and conference attendees. Uptick will showcase consumers at all points of the Wellness Life Cycle, from the absolute beginner to the serious athlete. The app highlights the personal connection between coach and client and humanizes data to create behavioral change.

About Uptick: Uptick was launched in 2014 from five years of data science in Motivational Coaching from FitOrbit. Uptick was designed, developed, and produced by an in-house team of 13 passionate individuals based in Los Angeles.


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