What is Wearables 2.0 - Building What You Wear Into Something Meaningful

What is Wearables 2.0? We talk with Davide Vigano,  CEO and Co-founder of Sensoria Inc., a company where they believe the "Garment is the Computer." We met Davide when he was giving a talk at the last IDTechEx USA 2014 where his section was focused on the future of sports wearables. In this segment, Davide talks about how Sensoria is pushing Wearables 1.0 - sense and tell devices to Wearables 2.0 - a true personal computing platform. Give it a view!

Building What You Wear Into Something Meaningful

"We are in a specific market situation here where the wearable world 1.0 is transitioning into something more elegant and more transparent to the user and we refer to that as Wearables 2.0"

"This(wearable industry) is very like the early PC Market"

"They are three layers of the (wearable) architecture that needs to be identified and constructed so that a developer can actually build solutions...a personal computing platform"

Bonus: Davide Vigano Talk at IDTechEX USA 2014 about the "Garment is the Computer"


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