Dremel Hopes to Attract the New Generation of Makers

When you think of Dremel, you think high speed rotary tools, right? I have modified and made things with their high-speed rotary tools but never thought about them in the digital arena. Things are changing at Dremel. Recently, we found Dremel's president, John Kavanagh at the 2015 Maker Faire Bay Area and talked with him about how Dremel is attracting the new generation of maker. He shares his thoughts on the Maker Faire from Dremel's point of view. Give it a view.

Dremel Offers Itself Up to a New Generation of Users

"Dremel never left the maker space, we have always sold tools to makers"
"... the new generations are looking for personalization and customization capability"
"We are amazed at the kid's curiosity of the products...not intimidated by digital and, surprisingly, not intimidated by our power tools"


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