Educating the Youth Provides Tech Brands a Way to Build an Ecosystem

Photo Courtesy of Xperience2!
Education and brands have always been around in technology. Looking back in the rearview mirror, I remember in college when I was developing on an Intel development system and I thought it was brilliant of Intel looking back. After graduating, I was very loyal to Intel for the longest time and felt comfortable developing boards with Intel microprocessors. What did Intel do? They created an ecosystem and fed the pipeline of loyal engineers.
After talking to a few brands at the 2015 Maker Faire, a lot of them told us about ways they are connecting and developing the next generation of loyal followers - via education.  Most tech brands want to get involved because students are their future brand ambassadors and / or workforce. Is this giving back or self-serving? Well, if it can supplement our kids education and serve our kids well, and serve the business why not?

In the following interview, Zach Shelby and Mark Woods of ARM talk about some of the initiatives that ARM is involved to help education and develop their IoT ecosystem.

ARMing the Education Pipeline and Creating the IoT Ecosystem Along the Way

Intro to ARM University Program


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