Lyfeboat Helps Stranded Motorists Via the Uber Model

What happens when you merge Waze and Uber together to help stranded motorists? That would be Lyfeboat. Lyfeboat is an app that matches stranded motorists with the nearest good samaritan or should I say the nearest trained good samaritan. We interview, Phat Le, co-founder at Lyfeboat on their service. Phat is also alumni of Founders Space where he honed the business model. He also shares a beta launch of a new addition to their service that makes car ownership easy. Check it out!

Disrupting the AAA Space

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Phat is an entrepreneur. He is all in, especially when he gave up his college career and Navy nuclear officer commission to devote to this business full-time. Their concept is pretty sweet. This service is only in Cincinnati right now, more out of convenience than anything else. One of the challenges for Lyfeboat will be to scale. Possibly finding a nationwide partner would be a way to do this. Google-Waze would be a great marriage for this service. Find out more here.


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