Sprout Allows Kids, Makers and Pros to Bring Art to Life With New Apps

We caught up with Sheau-Lan Reed, Head of Ecosystem at Sprout, to talk about Sprout and some of their apps. When HP announced it will split into two companies, Sprout is a genesis of what 
Dion Weisler, former Executive Vice President of HP’s Printing and Personal Systems business, and now CEO of HP Inc. said "HP Inc. will be extremely well positioned to deliver that innovation across our traditional markets as well as extend our leadership into new markets like 3-D printing and new computing experiences – inventing technology that empowers people to create, interact and inspire like never before.

HP's new hardware needs a way to use it--at least use it in a way that HP wants you to do. Building an eco-system is not easy. So, HP announced this week several new applications for Sprout by HP, the world’s first immersive computer, expanding the 3D Ecosystem for creative professionals and aspiring creative individuals. 

The new applications that will be available this summer include Crayola Color Alive, Ideum Origami Apprentice, Mobile5 SizeUp, Mischief for Sprout, Sprout Stop Motion, Sprout Light Stencil and Sprout Video Capture, as well as HP’s own Sprout 3D Capture application, announced earlier this month. The Nerd Stalker crew saw Ideum Origami Apprentice and Sprout Stop Motion at the last Maker Faire and for a beta - very impressed. 

On the back end, Sprout partnered with Dremel's 3D Idea Builder.

What is highlighted in the Ms. Reed's interview is Sprout's "Stop Motion" app.

Ideate and Prototype

"Sprout is a tool built for maker by makers"

"Everyone is creative inside...the functionality of Sprout allow you...to follow your whole creative process"

"Anything you think about physical or digital...you can mash it up and prototype it"

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