Mikme - From Kickstarter-a-No-No to Indie-a-Go-Go

This Kickstarter Unboxed segment takes on a different twist. First, we will introduce Philipp Sonnleitner of Mikme and he will talk about the genesis of Mikme as well as the product itself. If you haven't heard of Mikme, it is a high-quality bluetooth wireless microphone. Mikme doesn't look like you traditional microphone...it actually looks like the mini-me version of a Crate Amplifier or a small speaker and this is by design. But, Mikme is not just a microphone but Philipp says it is a shortened process to make music, podcasts or video. We also got Philipp to share their product journey and insights going from the popular Kickstarter platform to their successful Indiegogo campaign. If you are thinking of a crowdfunding campaign, Philipp has some lessons-learned for you.

Mikme is not a microphone - It's a Speedier Process

"I said, if I have only 1-2 hours a month creating music, why do I have to do 10 mins of (audio) setup...all I wanted to do is play piano"

"...that lead me to the iPhone...unfortunately it is made for speech"

"Maybe we should think of the process and not the microphone"

Kickstarter a No-No and Now Indie-a-Go-Go

"I would look to failed campaigns...normally you learn more from failures"
"A Crowdfunding campaign is not only about getting money...but learning about the market"
"You should reach your goal in 5-7 days otherwise...if that bar doesn't grow fast...you are basically a dead campaign"


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