The Humpday Must Watch - Social Media Influencers Release Movie on Influencers

Vine Star Jason Nash Releases 'FML' - a Parody About Social Media

Sam and Henry (Photo courtesy of Digital Riot Media and FML)

Over the weekend, 60 Minutes ran a story on Social Media Influencers. These people who are changing the landscape of advertising are offering product endorsements to their followers via their "schtick" not some ad agency planned marketing campaign. They are as big on social media as some sports stars but they are just normal like you and I. Over the weekend, we were grateful to have screened the the movie "FML-The Movie" (Thank you Shark Party Media and Digital Riot Media) which is a comedy which parodies the whole social influencer world. Jason Nash, a vine star himself, producing and directing his second cross-over feature, has released the first-ever Vine star feature film (written, directed and starring Vine stars) on October 11th. FML stars Jason Nash and Brandon Calvillo, two of Vine’s most followed social media stars, as well as a myriad of other Viners and social media stars all with followers well into the millions. Check out our review below.

What Would You Do for a Million Followers

Mike $wagg (photo courtesy of Digital Riot Media and FML)
FML is a comedy about a 40-year-old stand-up comic Sam (Viner Jason Nash) is willing to do anything to get to 1 million followers to save his marriage and family. Why 1M followers? Well, social media agent, Bobby (played by Jimmy Tatro) says a 40-something doesn't sell unless he gets 1M followers. He sees social media as the way out of poverty. Henry, portrayed by Viner Brandon Calvillo, is a teen social media star & Sam's "best friend". Both want out of the daily rut of their lives with Sam seeing a larger social media following and Henry sees Sam as that ticket out of the reversed parents living off of child relationship . Simply, Sam wants to put food on the table and Henry wants to go to film school. The two team up on a "road trip" to "collab' on videos with the best - and the worst - that social media has to offer – including the morally bankrupt Mike $wagg (YouTuber Bart Baker). Along the way, both find their true self.

FML is a funny but sad commentary on the "Social Media World" on many facets. Here are a few we saw. (1) Indie Movie Making is Still Difficult - This movie's path was made through a modern "more uncommon than not" via a failed kickstarter and eventually picked up by Digital Riot Media which is releasing this as a pure digital release. (2) Zany Sells - The movie also speaks to a common thread in social media where we are all entertained by "ridiculousness" and where the vanity numbers are valued more than real human contact. (3) The Sports Agent World Transitions to the Social World - This movie also parodies the "sharks" or social media "agents" paralleled to sports talent agents and the like.

We give this movie a Nerdy Must Watch.

The Cast

JASON NASH, Lead Actor, Director and Writer
Jason Nash is a comedian, actor, writer, director, and Vine star. Jason created the feature film "Jason Nash is Married,". Jason also created the web series "How to Be a Man" and "The Shaman," and co-hosted and produced the long-running “Guys With Feelings” podcast. Jason has a social reach of 2.9M followers and his Vine’s have reached over 1B loops to date.

Brandon’s brand of awkward, self deprecating humor has made him one of the most recognizable faces on Vine. Whether he’s playing a typical white girl, loveable loser, or failing to make his family proud, his followers relate to him. Brandon has appeared in the TV series "SHFTY: Super Happy Funtime, Yay!", and "Warzone" - "FML" will be Brandon's feature film debut. He has a social reach over 7.4M followers and his Vine’s have received over 3B loops to date.

BART BAKER, Supporting Actor
Bart Baker is the “King of Music Video Parodies” with over 8 million Subscribers and 2.4 Billion views views on YouTube. Bart is a one-man mastermind; writing, directing, singing, acting in, and editing comedic parodies of top-trending music videos. Bart has a social reach of 11.8M followers.

JESSICA SERFATY Supporting Actor
With her roles in "FML" as well as the upcoming feature film "Ryde," popular Viner, Social Media Influencer, and model Jessica Serfaty continues to extend her talents into acting.

Please see the full list of influencers involved below.

Debuted October 7 for digital download at and October 11 on iTunes.

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