The Weekend Screening: Bourne Identity Producer to Release 360 VR Series

Conde Nast Announces Bourne Identity Director David Liman's new 360 VR series - Invisible

We offer the trailer for Invisible provided by Conde Nast Entertainment
Scene from Invisible - a 360 VR series (photo courtesy of Samsung and Conde Nast Entertainment)
With the world starting to figure out the VR content vacuum, this week Conde Nast Entertainment and partners hopes the dominoes will fall with the announcement of a six part 360 VR scripted series trailer for Invisible that is “coming soon." Driven by major Hollywood talent, Invisible made its debut at Oculus Connect 3. The trailer is now available to view through Samsung Gear VR via Samsung VR, the company’s premium virtual reality content service.

Invisible tells the story of an old New York family, the Ashlands, whose tentacles reach into the largest corporations and governments in the world. Although they control a large portion of the world’s economy they exist in relative ambiguity. They move without being seen and somehow without being known. That’s because select family members have the power to make themselves invisible.  The cause of their invisibility remained a mystery, until now.  Ground-breaking genetic research is about to break the code and expose their secret. Thanks to Conde Nast Entertainment for allowing us to embed the trailer. Check it out below.
Specifically envisioned and written as a 360 VR series, Invisible is a partnership between Condé Nast Entertainment (CNÉ), Jaunt VR, Samsung and the 30 Ninjas team of Director Doug Liman (The Edge of TomorrowSwingersBourne Series, Mr. & Mrs. Smith), Producer Julina Tatlock, along with Oscar-nominated Screenwriter Melisa Wallack (Dallas Buyers Club). Invisible is presented by Lexus.

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