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RentHop Provides Heat Map of the Most Popular Places to Shoot a Film

We share RentHop's big data visualization of popular SF neighborhoods to film
Infographic provided by RentHop

Using data provided by San Francisco’s open data portal RentHop geocoded and mapped out where the most popular San Francisco neighborhoods and locations for filming are. The data goes back all the way to 1915 (coincidently the year of the Panama Pacific International Exposition) , covering over 100 years of filming. There were over 200 movies and TV shows filmed in San Francisco that have been documented, with nearly 1,200 set locations. Film in SF has a long history as provided by FILM SF here. Unfortunately, the first part of this century was a dark moment in the SF Film Industry citing bureaucracy and hight fees:
Impact of San Francisco’s declining film industry during the six-year period of 2001-2006
1,936: Jobs lost
$123 million: Local spending lost
$8.4 million: Tax dollars lost
2005: Last year a film was made in The City
– Source: San Francisco Film Commission: San Francisco Film Cluster Economic Analysis report, ICF 
Fast forward 10 years and 2015 was the busiest on record, with 13 unique titles and 206 filming locations. The 1988 Clint Eastwood & Liam Neeson blockbuster “The Dead Pool” lead with the most film locations (29). The short-running TV series “Looking” used 41 different filming locations across the city during the two years it aired. Check out the map below. 

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