Social Time: Social Media Addiction, Google's Gaming the News and Social Meetings

Another week and another Social Time Episode. Sean Charles (aka @SocialMediaSean) and Nerd Stalker's Greg Viloria (aka @SocialGreg) discusses social media relavant topics for the week that caught their eye - Addiction to Social Media, Twitter and Video, Google+ goes enterprise and more. 

SocialMediaSean's and SocialGreg's Social Topics of the Week

In this segment Sean and Greg discuss these social topics:

Twitter, Facebook More Addictive Than Cigarettes, Alcohol And Even Sex, Says Poll [STUDY]  via @alltwtr

Twitter Acquires Video Service; Are Third Party Video Developers In Danger Now Too?  

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Bringing Google+ to work  

Google News Games Reading  / Microsoft Promoted News in Google 

RT @verge: With Surface looming, Microsoft fails to explain Windows 8 vs. Windows RT to consumers

Social Meetings, Tip on Google+ Profile Pic and What's Coming Up

In this segment, we discuss the Pivot conference and Jonanthan Becher's take on the Social Enterprise especially Social Meetings. Social Greg takes you through the Google+ Profile Pic Sizing Journey and What's up next week for Sean and Greg - #TChat, SF New Tech and a few interviews on Twitter and Pinterest and more.

"you have to earn people's attention"

"multi-tasking is the fabric of is a must"


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