Surface, Windows 8, Apple, and Kittens We Got You Covered

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Apple Mini and Announcements / Microsoft Surface and Announcements
Sorry, Microsoft Surface Users: No Google Search App For You
With cash reserves dwindling, Nokia looks to raise $1 billion from bonds
French media finds way to make money off of Google - make it a law via @arstechnica
Uber Co-founder Garrett Camp's BlackJet is Uber for Private Planes

Speed Round: 
Waze Is The Only App To Gain Meaningful Marketshare After Apple Maps Fail, Onavo Finds
Amazon Pushes Kindle To Kindergarten Kids in U.S. via @FastCompany
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FCC Updates Small-Business Tool for Fighting Cyber Threats via @SocialGreg @EntMagazine

Tips of the Week:
Chrome extension blocks political Facebook, Twitter messages with pictures of kittens.
Our interview of @markwschaefer - Author of the best selling Twitter book "Tao of Twitter"

SF New Tech - 11/7/2012 - 11.7 SFNT: Go Mobile w/ TapCanvas, Crittercism,, Desti,, Voism, and more.


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