Social Time Talks About Twitter Surveys, LinkedIn is Klout Like, Facebook Gifts

Exciting times at Nerd Stalker. We just added another podcast extending our reach to Social Media. Our Nerd Stalker staff writer, Greg Viloria, aka @SocialGreg, and Sean Charles, aka @SocialMediaSean, are hosts to our new weekly podcast - Social Time. They will be doing their podcast/vidcast via a Google+ hangout.

Sean and Greg's vidcast will talk about Social Media and Social Media Tech in the news.

Here are Sean's and Greg's Social Picks of the Week

Twitter Rolls Out Surveys -- And Reminds Us Why It Cares About "Consistent User
Experiences" via @allthingsd #nrdstk

Oh No: LinkedIn Just Went Klout On via @ShellyKramer

LinkedIn Thought leadership:

Notifications on Linkedin for Like’s and shares

Facebook Desktop Open-Sourced #nrdstk

Facebook Gifts

Social Time Tip Time

Social Media Sean’s Tip of the Week: Facebook posting optimization

SocialGreg’s Interview of the week: Guy Kawasaki on Google+

About Sean Charles

Lives in Victoria, BC Canada. He provides Social Media consulting for HR, Sales, Marketing and businesses of all sizes. One of the most influential people in the HR Social Media space.

Lives in San Francisco. Currently Head of Operations for btrax, Inc. and Co-host of Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast. Works with Asian companies on Social, Product and Community management strategies. 


Adolfo said…
Wow great show guys!

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