Apps World Live: Woz Talks About Innovation, Security and Computing

We were lucky to attend the keynote at the 2014 Apps World North America conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This event features talks in Development of Apps, Droid Apps, Games Development, Mobile Payments and Retail, Mobile Marketing, HTML5 and API Strategies, TV and Mulitscreen and Enterprise. Also, over 200 exhibitors had booths to display their services. The keynote was an interview of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak by Wired's Mat Honan. Listen to see what Steve has to say about innovation, security, and opportunities for app developers.

Memorable Quotes from Woz

About Moore's Law: "moore's law is at the end"

About Privacy and Security: "be honest with me at least" referring to information companies will be taking from us.

About Computing and Brain Power: "We replaced part of the brain with Goxxle" referring to your brain's necessity not to remember small things.


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