Urgent Call Won't Let You Miss the Most Important Call of Your Life!

This is a great story. How many times do you put your phone on silent and miss an important call of your life? It happened to Shary Nassimi - so he created an app. Urgent Call is an app that will make sure that call makes the connection. We talk with Shary Nassimi, founder and inventor of Urgent Call, to talk about his motivation for creating the Urgent Call app. Check it out.

"No Limits"

"I came to develop Urgent Call when like many of you, I set my phone on silent which is my primary mode of contact on my mobile phone and I went to sleep. During the night, my father had a heart attack and I missed the call...it is very upsetting to miss that"

"...we are so connected all the time we don't realizing that it is distressing to be constantly receiving signals...it personally raises my blood pressure and I feel this pull to go look at it...there are times when we want to disconnect from that and I just want a piece of mind but then your mind goes to 'wow what is going to happen next'"

"the health benefit (of Urgent Call), you can disconnect from stress and actually relax and actually reduce stress"

SocialGreg's Uptake

Urgent Call is just one of those "no brainer" apps. The phone is our buddy. It is with us all the time and we do need the ability to disconnect. Urgent Call gives you that piece of mind - connecting when it is necessary. I was just amazed how this isn't a feature on a phone. Best yet, they patented it. Well, It isn't free but it is affordable for the piece of mind it gives you. The app is released on Android and soon on iOS. Check them out at urgentcalltech.com. Like them on facebook or follow them on twitter.


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