Petcube is the internet of things er Pets? #appsworld

Nerd Stalker interview with Yaroslav Azhnyuk CEO of Petcube. Petcube is a gadget that allows people to watch, talk and play with pets remotely, using the smartphone. It consists of a video camera, a movable laser pointer and a microcomputer, connected to via wifi. The smartphone app displays a video stream from the camera, allowing user to talk to the pet and move a laser dot – a favorite toy for cats and dogs.

Withe the Petcube app one can share access with friends and family or even make the device public for a limited time. Users can take photos or short videos of gaming sessions and share it.

Form Factor
Cubic form (4 x 4 x 4 inches), aluminum and glass with customizable skins. Petcube uses low intensity laser which is not harmful for pet's eyes even in the case of direct contact.