Famo.us Announces Its Making The Web Even Better

Famo.us CEO Steve Newcomb

Nerd Stalker was invited to the long awaited announcement party from the ground breaking tech startup Famo.us. The announcements are bulleted below.
  • Will be free and open source.
  • Available April 9.
  • Will release a viable alternative to Phonegap that performs orders of magnitude better.
  • Will support the major MVC's but will soon after release an MVC alternative that will "blow away" the competition, Steve Newcomb specifically called out Angular and others.
  • Out of the box support for iOS, Android and Blackberry. They will not support Windows Phone.
  • Within the year they will release an IDE inspired by Unity and will not be a web IDE.
  • Will extend Chrome Dev Tools to add another Famo.us tab.
Dave Fetterman Q&A
Admittedly Newcomb said Famo.us was not easy nor was it for the junior javascript developer and this was confirmed by the non Famo.us develoopers we spoke with who had early access. The developers told us that very challenging working with this very early stage new language. Newcomb said they opted to go with the path of giving developers more control including the ability to write your own primitives.

Despite all the warnings of how challenging it is to work with the new language there was a demo by a Hack Reactor student who just learned javascript 6 months ago. The student showed a slick sliding news feed type demo but the big reveal was the all html5 Famo.us clone he made of the new native Facebook Paper app.
The Famo.us Announcement Crowd


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