Kickstarter Unboxed: Zach Vorhies and Murat Ozkan of Zackees

We start a new segment on the entrepreneurs and dreamers who are on Kickstarter. Kickstarter, which is known as the "Lab for Daring Prototypes and Ingenious Products", recently won the best overall startup at this year's Crunchies. But, data recently has been exposed only 1 in 3 Kickstarter games actually deliver on the promise. Nevertheless, we interview the entrepreneurs and their stories on their Kickstarter campaign. In this episode, we interview Zach Vorhies and Murat Ozkan, founder and co-founder of Zackees the maker of the turn-signal glove about the mysteries of Kickstarter and their desire to be on the "Shark Tank" TV show.

Tweaking the Product Through Kickstarter

"I loved the Kickstarter Experience. It taught us a lot about the product."
"We had a design issue and we discovered that (through Kickstarter) in three days"

"there is a lot of analytics from YouTube and Kickstarter and we were able to tweak our approach and tweak our presentation"


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