Tapestry Makes Seniors More Connected to the People They Love

The senior side of the population is rising and expected to double in the year 2030 of that in 2000Seniors rising smartphone ownership and increasing Tablet ownership signal a unique opportunity. Seniors using the internet reached the majority last year where in 2000 the adoption was only 13%. Pew Research says a lot of seniors are adopting social media (43%) but privacy concerns and lack of interest still prevent wider adoption. Enter Tapestry. Tapestry has a vision of enriching the lives of people of all ages, especially that of seniors, by helping them stay connected to their families, their friends and their communities. Listen to what Marcie Rogo, Head of Operations for Tapestry says about their service.

Helping Seniors Create Their Walled Garden

"You have this epidemic of social isolation...where an older adult is in the home alone...we have marginalized them when it comes to the digital world"

"Tapestry was created to try to bridge the gap (between seniors and the people in their lives) and create a multi-generational platform where no ones lives are being interrupted"

"...you make a walled garden (with Tapestry) of people that you want to share with"

SocialGreg's Uptake

The senior market isn't sexy but it is huge and will grow. Tapestry makes adoption of technology for seniors very easy. They have a simple interface for the tablet.  I think seniors should adopt tablets instead of a laptop for its ease of use.

Marcie really had a pragmatic approach to start-up ventures by merging and combining her startup with Tapestry. In today's world, it makes more and more sense in terms of resources, market and company longevity.

You can like Tapestry here on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


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