6 Tips on How to Run a Company with a Distributed Global Workforce

Trying to create a global workforce for your company? Thinking about moving part of your company overseas? Stressed about managing an overseas team? We talk with Marla Rausch who has answered many of those questions in creating her company, Animation Vertigo, and maintaing it for over 10 years. Marla gives you 6 tips to help you create and maintain a global workforce.

Managing a Workforce that’s an Ocean Away

"Every quarter I meet with my team, meet with my manager, meet with my supervisors to make sure we are united and we are thinking like a team"

"You want to trust them( your managers) and let them go to let them do the things they are good at"

"(when we meet in person) We have a production day, a production day is way for us to ask the team, there is 50 of us, where we sit down and share the knowledge that we had in the last year"


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