Stalking Emerging Tech: Canatu Introduces Film for 3D Touch Surfaces

We were fortunate to attend IDTechEx's USA 2014 expo featuring advancements in Wearables, Printed Electronics, Energy Harvesting and Storage, Internet of Things, 3D Printing and more. We interviewed Dr. Erkki Soininen of Canatu whose company just announced a release of a film capable of being used on 3D surfaces - a design game changer for wearables, mobile and automobiles. Give his interview a view!

3D Touch will Change Design Thinking

"Since 2004, the founders had great vision of bring flexible products into the market to make 3D possible as a touch surface"

SocialGreg's Uptake

For you nerds out there, this is cool stuff. Canatu has also developed and patented a new thin film component manufacturing method called Direct Dry Printing -- essentially a form of printed electronics which enables this this CNB technology. The whole user experience will change with this type of technology. A lot of traditional ITO technology on flat glass (conventional touch screens) has limited the user experience because of its high index of refraction meaning in bright light conditions the display may get washed out without expensive index matching films. Dr. Soininen said "The first applications  of this technology will be touch on mobile phones, tablets, and wearable devices." Canatu's technology lends itself to large area plastic Imagine what you can do with that. Check Canatu and their technology out at their website here.


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