Social Time TV: Do You Want A Social Update

In this episode, Sean Charles (aka @SocialMediaSean) and Greg Viloria (aka @SocialGreg) talk about the Mark Zuckerberg's Q/A at Facebook headquarters: Give it a view or a listen!
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Q/A Highlights:

1) Why did you make us download Facebook messenger?

Sean: "There were some privacy issues when the messenger app was being tracked(by facebook)...all apps are tracked...they just didn't explain themselves until now"

Sean: "I use Facebook messenger because I can go back and forth between the desktop and the mobile screen"

SocialGreg: "I use messenger 60%, 20% Line and rest text messaging"

2) Facebook Reach

Sean: "Reach is how many stories make it to your timeline…really tough to reach your fans…overall it is a "noisy" place out there…10% is not bad…since there is no charge to use the platform"

SocialGreg: "I used Promoted posts, Facebook ads for the page…I targeted it more…2-3 times page likes…targeted by topic and geography…filters"

3) Facebook future - Internet Drones

SocialGreg: "portable hot-spots..what if you are at a venue and had internet hot-spots hovering over you…kinda cool"
Sean: "I think Mr. Zuckerberg's goal of taking over the world is one step closer"

4) Was the Q&A a good thing for Facebook?

Sean "I think the transparency is where everyone is shifting to…because we can call hogwash pretty easily…when these CEOs are trying to convince everybody that this is what is best and just do it because we say it is best. The challenge is 'how transparent'"

"I find out the bigger you are, it is not as important to do that because you are so powerful and you have so much money and clout…when people are forced to use your service…I think you need transparency"

"I think the more transparent you are when you make a mistake goes a long way to earn the public's trust"

Facebook Dwarfs Pinterest, Twitter (And Everyone Else) for Website Traffic via @alltwtr

Sean: "Depending on how you frame the data you can say anything…that being said Facebook does drive a ton of traffic. Anyone on social media has a Facebook account."

"I think it depends on the individual strategy and how your are posting. Anyone getting a lot of Facebook traffic is getting a lot of Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter traffic…the quality of post"

SocialGreg: "When I look at referral traffic…I look at how the quality of my posts are or how relevant is my post that people are sending traffic back to my website."


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