Crowd Supply Doesn't Call it Crowd Funding

Crowd funding has changed the way were invest. Micro-investing is the new stock certificate. There are a lot of alternatives out there. However, crowd funding does have its issues - Fraud, delivery delays, and order fulfillment itself are a few. So, it was refreshing to talk to Josh Lifton, co-founder of Crowd Supply. Crowd Supply manages the whole spectrum - from concept to sales. In fact, they call it Product Development as a Platform. Watch Josh as he discusses Crowd Supply and their uniqueness.

Product Development As A Platform

"I think from the outside we very much look like all the other crowd funding platforms out there…but we are Product Development As A Plaform and crowd funding is a piece of that."

"We all have a engineering, product development background…we approach it in a hands-on way…very high-tough…every project has been funded"

"that's(e-commerce)  really the genesis of Crowd Supply…it not just about taking credit cards, it is about   fulfillment and warehousing and tracking the state of your order"

Social Greg's Uptake

Being a product development person, I just love this. Crowd Supply does its vetting of the product to ensure the crowd funder's success and their sucess. Here's how they do it. They look at the project proposal itself, help give feedback and ask the entrepreneur to fix certain issues before it even appears on Crowd Supply. They also act as the e-commerce marketplace for the entrepreneur as well. This solves the fact if you want to order more that 1 item - a problem in Kickstarter and others have unless you make complicated funding levels. Check them out at here.


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