Stalking Social: Social Time TV is back

Well, Sean and Greg are at it again. After a long hiatus, Social Time TV is back again. In this episode, Sean Charles (aka SocialMediaSean) and Greg Viloria (aka SocialGreg) talk about the big four Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and more, give some of the latest insight into each one and why you have to make more effort these days. Give it a view or a listen!

Here are some highlights of the show


  • Sept 5: Twitter issues cease and desist and forces Twitpic to close:

But wait...

  • Twitter Acquires Photo-Sharing Website Twitpic's Domain And Photo Archive

  • Twitter is still relevant?

Sean says "Still relevant...Still setting records for live events"

  • Direct Messages on Twitter

Sean says “don’t do it”; “Why is Twitter still allowing auto-DM?”


Do Facebook Ads generate fake likes like Veritasium claims? - >


  • How about LinkedIn Pulse?

Greg says “Pulse is great...great news source...great UI” "LinkedIn Publishing is great I hear from friends"

  • LinkedIn new Privacy Policy

Sean says “Great move...allows your to own your content”

Instagram / Vine

  • Instagram Hyperlapse versus Vine videos

Sean says “Really cool...of the right technology”; “some neat hyperplapses”

  • Vine can import from Camera Roll

Sean “this is great, before you can do only through the app...for marketing and creative people it will open up”