QuickLegal Gives You Real-time Mobile Legal Advice

Want legal help at any time of the day on your mobile? QuickLegal promises this and more. QuickLegal connects you with a vetted legal counselor for quick advice via video almost like having the phone number of a trusted lawyer. We interview Derek Bluford, CEO and Founder of QuickLegal, who describes his new mobile legal service. Give it a view.

On-Demand Legal Advice for the General Public

"QuickLegal is the first and only App to provide on-demand instant video chat with any type of lawyer you need"

"Our software filters and generates a list of lawyers who is local to you and available on-line right now, and as a user you can select and you can look at the profile of each attorney and you can see his or her reviews from other users"

"We make sure they(attorneys) are actively licensed in the state they are practicing in...we make sure that they have no disciplinary action against their license--no consumers or clients filed complaints against them or have not been found guilty of some type of non-ethical or non-moral action that they did. We make sure they are not currently in an investigation for any type of wrongdoing."


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