Meet the 2016 Casual Connect USA Indie Prize Finalists from North America

Casual Connect Announces the 33 Entries for Indie Prize from the US and 5 from Canada

We list all 38 of the 2016 North American entries for the Indie Prize
2016 Casual Connect Indie Prize (courtesy of Casual Connect)

Meet the 33 amazingly talented finalists of ‪#‎IndiePrize‬ USA 2016 Representing North America at Casual Connect on July 18-19 in San Francisco. The Indie Prize area is a special area where you can meet Indie game developers at the ‪#‎CasualConnect‬ San Francisco show! We have all their videos embedded here!

Representing the USA

Refactor by NextGen Pants
Platform: For Console, PC - PC, Mac, Linux, and PS4
Developed with Unity

Darknet by E McNeill 
For VR - Gear VR / Oculus Rift
Developed with Unity

Tactera by E McNeill 
For VR
Developed with Gear VR / Unity

project ghost by project ghost studios 
For VR - pc, htc vive
Developed in Unity

Viridi by Ice Water Games 
For Mobile/Table, PC - PC/Mac/Android/iOS
Developed with Unity

Dragon Fin Soup by Grimm Bros
For Mobile/Tablet, Console, PC - PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

The Rabbit and the Owl by Formal Sheep 
Nominated by Sacramento Indie Arcade
For PC - PC, Mac, Linux
Developed with Unity

Dead Secret by Robot Invader (
For Console, PC, VR - Windows, MacOS, Rift, Gear VR, PS4*, PSVR* (* October 2016)
Developed with Unity

Divey Jones: Memory Diver by Zygobot 
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS/Android
Developed with Unity

Sketch Nation Create by Sketch Nation, Inc.
For Mobile/Tablet, Web- iOS, Android and the Web.
Developed with custom HTML5 engine

Catch The Shapeshifter by Atelier Lyrebird, LLC
For Mobile/Tablet - Android, iOS
Developed with custom engine
Gameplay Video:

Super Markup Man by Roppy Chop Studios 
 For PC - PC/Mac
Developed with NW.js

Elsinore by Golden Glitch 
For PC - PC, Mac.
Develped with Unity

Revisions by Team Revisions
For PC - Windows/MacOS
Developed with Unity

Hero by Bakershah Games
For Console, PC - Windows
Developed with Unity Engine

Hex Heroes by Prismatic Games
For Console, PC - PC or Wii U
Developed with Unity

Signal Decay by Nela System 
For Console, PC - PC, Mac, XBOX, PS4
Developed with Unity
Gameplay Video:

A Moment Free from Darkness: A Game Raising Awareness of Sex Slavery by Inflatable Reality
For Mobile/Table, PC, VR - Apple Watch, Oculus Rift 2, Android phone, PC running Windowsl

3 Nights in Chicago by Team 3 Nights 
For PC
Developed with Unity

Labyrinth by Free Range Games
For PC
Developed with Unity

The Forest Song by Colabee Studios 
For Console, PC
Developed with Unity 5.x, Demo currently runs on PC

Gamester by Giant Fox Studios 
Nominated by Playcrafting
For Mobile/Tablet, Web - iOS, Android, Web
Developed with Unity

For Mobile/Tablet - iOS

Smash Wars by FaunaFace, Inc 
For Mobile/Tablet, VR
Developed with Unity3D 

OCTOBO by Yuting Su 
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS
Developed with Unity

Zombie Rollerz by Zing Games Inc. 
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS
Developed with Unity3D

Snapimals by BebopBee, Inc 
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS, Android, Amazon
Developed with Unity
Gameplay video:

Smashy Brick by Bulldozer Games 
For Mobile/Tablet
Developed with Unity

Choices: Stories You Play by Pixelberry Studios
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS, Android
Engine: Cocos 2DX
Sisters by Otherworld Interactive
For Mobile/Table, VR - Android, iOS
Developed with GearVR, Unity

Para: A Plane's Journey by Cafe Daydream 
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS, Android
Developed with cocos2D

Zenza by Intropy Games 
For Mobile/Tablet, Console - iOS, Wii U
Developed with Unity

For Mobile/Tablet, Web - iOS, Android, Kindle, Web
Developed with Unity

Representing ‪‎Canada‬!

Maruta 279 by Busan Sanai Studio 
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS, Android
Developed with Unity

Iron Tides by Crash Wave Games, Inc. 
For PC
Developed with Unity 3D

Splitter Critters by RAC7 
For Mobile/Tablet, PC - iOS/Android/PC/OSX/Linux
Developed with Unity3D

Fruit Golf by Coal Car Studio 
For PC, VR - iOS/Android, Windows
Developed with Unity

First Impact: Rise of a Hero by Red Meat Games
For PC, Console, VR - PS4, Xbox One
Developed with Unity


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