Meet the 2016 Casual Connect USA Indie Prize Finalists from Europe

Casual Connect Announces the 31 Entries for Indie Prize from Europe

Meet the 31 amazingly talented finalists of ‪#‎IndiePrize‬ USA 2016 Representing Europe at Casual Connect on July 18-19 in San Francisco. The Indie Prize area is a special area where you can meet Indie game developers from around the world at the ‪#‎CasualConnect‬ USA show! We have all their videos embedded here. For the full list checkout indieprize.orgCheck them out!

Representing ‪#‎Ukraine‬!

For Mobile/Tablet, PC - iOS, Android, PC, Web
Developed with Adobe AIR

For Mobile/Tablet, Web - iOS, Android, FB/VK/OK
Developed with Adobe Air+PHP

For Mobile/Tablet - iOS
Developed with cocos2D
For Console, PC, VR - PC, PS4, XBOX ONE

For PC
Developed with Sahara

The Shattering by Blah Blah Games
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS and Android
Developed with Unity 2D
Gameplay Video:

Representing ‪#‎Russia‬!

Steam Panic by NOD Group
For Mobile/Tablet, Console, Web, PC - iOS, Android, UWP, Windows
Developed with GameMaker: Studio

For PC - Steam
Developed with Unity3D and own engine
For Mobile/Table, Console, Web, PC
Developed with Unity
Nominated by Intel
For Mobile/Tablet, Console, Web, PC - iOS,Android,Web,Apple TV
Developed with Unity
Gameplay Video:

For Console, PC - Windows
Developed with Game Maker: Studio
For Mobile/Tablet, Console, PC
Developed with Unity

Representing ‪#‎Poland‬!

For Mobile/Tablet, PC
Developed with Unity

Representing ‪#‎Lithuania‬!

For PC - PC/Mac/Linux
Developed with Unity 3D
For Mobile/Tablet - Android, iOS
Developed with Unity 3D
Gameplay Video:

Representing ‪#‎Italy‬!

Nominated by Svilupparty
Developed with Unity
Gameplay Video:

For PC, Console - PC, Xbox One, PS4
Developed in Unreal Engine 4
Gameplay Video:

Representing ‪#‎Hungary‬!

For VR - Oculus Rift, GearVR

Representing ‪#‎Greece‬!

For Mobile/Tablet - iOS/Android
Developed with Unity

Representing ‪#‎Germany‬!

For Mobile/Tablet - iOS/Android
Developed with Corona SDK

For PC
Developed with Gamemaker Studio Pro

For Mobile/Tablet, Console, PC - Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, Android, X-box One, Wii U
For Console, PC - XBox One, PS4, Steam

Representing ‪#‎France‬!

For Mobile/Tablet - iOS/Android
Developed with Unity
For Mobile/Tablet, PC - iOS/Android and PC

Representing ‪#‎Finland‬!

For Mobile/Tablet - iOS/Android
Developed with Unity

Representing ‪#‎Belarus‬!

For Mobile/Tablet, PC - Google Play, Apple Store, Steam
Developed with Unity
For PC - Win, Mac, Linux
Developed with Unity


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