The Indie Web is Your Choice

Marc Canter and Ben Werdmuller Discuss 'The Open/Indie Web' Live at SF New Tech 

Marc Canter and Ben Werdmuller talks about the Open Web at SF New Tech
The Open Web (courtesy of SF New Tech)

Do you know what the 'The Open Web' or The Indie Web' is? Apparently, this movement has been around a while spurred on by the desire for content to be uncontrolled by big company buyouts and silo'ed social networks but to let everyone co-exist big and small and have the users of the web in charge of their content. The Open or Indie Web is a place where my searches and identity is not co-mingled or controlled by big entities like Google, Facebook and Twitter. Basically, the Indie Web makes the choice is ours and is distributed and decentralized. Listen to Marc Canter and Ben Werdmuller at a recent SF New Tech event discuss "The Open Web". Check it out.

"Most of the Web is about selling sh*t...How do you pay for the sell sh*t" - Marc Canter

"The reason the web has thrived in the way it don't have to go and buy a specific web server, you don;t have to ask permission, you don't have to adhere to anybody's standards...all you have to do is just have to adhere to standards that make up the source standards" - Ben Werdmuller


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