Vimtag Wants You to Capture People Capturing Pokemon

Vimtag  wants people to capture pictures of people playing Pokémon for a giveaway contest

Vimtag, a leading provider of IP Cameras, launched a contest challenging people to send in pictures of people playing Pokémon similar to the ones above.  The giveaway started on July 18 and ends on July 29 at 11:59 EST.

"Vimtag is used by thousands of Americans who want to capture moments that they are not present to -- pets, nannies, elder parents, and more," said Joseph Sherman, Director of Consumer Engagement at Vimtag. "This contest is having fun with the notion and playing off the world's biggest crazy Pokémon Go. We encourage everyone to be creative but please be safe and we look forward to seeing the submissions!" says Vimtag Spokesperson.

Participants can send their photos to and are encouraged to tag their photos on social media @vimtagusa. Participants will be rewarded the following prizes: 

  •  For each photo submitted, the participant will receive 10% off Vimtag's flagship product, the P1 Smart Cloud IP Camera (up to 30% off)
We have the details of the Vimtag Pokemon Go Challenge.
P1 Smart Cloud IP Camera

  • The participant with the most submissions will receive a free P1 camera and a cash prize of $1,000
  • The person who submits the second most will receive a free P1 camera


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