Meet the 2016 Casual Connect USA Indie Prize Finalists from Asia and Oceania

Casual Connect Announces the 14 Entries for Indie Prize from Asia & Oceania

Meet the 14 amazingly talented finalists of ‪#‎IndiePrize‬ USA 2016 Representing Asia and Oceania at Casual Connect on July 18-19 in San Francisco. The Indie Prize area is a special area where you can meet Indie game developers from around the world at the ‪#‎CasualConnect‬ San Francisco show! For a full list of indie games, go to indieprize.orgWe have all their videos embedded here!

Representing ‪#‎Vietnam‬!

Eraser by Hikergames
For Mobile/Tablet
Developed Unity 3D

Representing ‪#‎Thailand‬!

Representing ‪#‎Taiwan‬!

Magnesia by 18 Light
For PC - Steam,PC
Developed with Unity

Representing ‪#‎Korea‬!

Star Knight by Left Right
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS/Android
Developed with Unity3D 5.3

Representing ‪#‎India‬!

Asura by Ogre Head Studio
For PC
Developed with Unity 5

Proximity by BHADANA&bros
For PC
Developed with Construct 2

MicroGiant by Devansh Gandhi and Manav Aggarwal 

For Mobile/Tablet, Web
Developed with Construct 2

Perfect, Me? by Gear Overclocked 
For Mobile/Tablet - Android
Developed with Construct 2

Xtreme Hover by Witls
For Mobile/Tablet, PC, VR - iOS, OS X, tvOS and Android
Developed with Unity

Representing ‪#‎China‬!

Pocket Plants by Shikudo 
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS/Android
Developed with Unity 3D

WILL: A Wonderful World by 4D Door Games
For Mobile/Table, Console, PC - Windows (64-bit)
Developed with Unity Engine 5.2.4f1

Representing ‪#‎Australia‬!

Color Switch by David Reichelt With Fortafy Games
For Mobile/Tablet - iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon
Developed with a native engine

Roto Color Runners by Blue Volcano 
For Console, PC
Developed with Unity3D


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