Conductrr Conference is for Creative Transmedia Enthusiasts

Hey Transmedia enthusiasts! The first Conducttr Conference is coming in October of this year aimed at creative people who want to deepen their understanding of transmedia storytelling by sharing their experiences while building their network in transmedia.  We talk again with co-founder and front man of Transmedia Storytelling Ltd., maker of Conductrr to discuss the upcoming conference.

This Conference Experience Will Be Additive

"This (conference) is for everybody who want to create engaging stories...anyone who has an audience they want to entertain"

"...primary aimed for creative people - so we are looking at the process of developing these type of stories"

"This is not a conference on C-Level executives...we have two primary streams- one is academic and one is commercial"

Check out this conference, especially if you are in Europe, if you are a creative storyteller and want to learn how to make money with transmedia. Their conference is on October 17 this year. Get your tickets here.


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