Microsoft's Idea Lab Bears 1st Fruit - SNIPP3T

When developing apps, sometimes the focus is about the app and sometimes it is about the process. With Microsoft Idea Lab, it is both. A few weeks ago, one of Microsoft's mobile apps became the first passenger to ride on the Microsoft Idea Lab called SNIPP3T(pronounced snippet). It is a celebrity lurking app. That's all we will say about it.

What's more interesting is how Microsoft's Idea Lab is helping their app developers. A few months ago, Microsoft announced Idea Lab which was created to get Microsoft developers and their users to interact more to develop products better and faster. We talk with Microsoft Idea Lab and SNIPP3T team of Lisa Abdilova, Alisher Saydalikhodjayev and Donald Soon as they talk about how SNIPP3Tis being developed through Microsoft Idea Lab.

It's all about NIHITO (Nothing Interesting Happens In The Office)

"We thought it would be a great idea to get some early feedback and some early direction of where to take (SNIPP3T) through Idea Lab"

"The development of SNIPP3T started early this year...people are thinking Microsoft and Celebrity App?...Idea Lab is a great venue to test the idea"

"Even before the beta stage you need to get some direction from people who use your app after launch"

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