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Picks of the Week:

  1. "Breaking: Art Student Makes Synthetic Leaf, Solves Everything" (Kat Bauman / core77)
  2. Let people control the music
  3. Google Glass Alert: Potential health risks from wireless radiation   (Dr. Joel Moskowitz / UC Berkeley)
  4. Wikimedia Won't Take Down This Photo Because a Monkey Took It via @Gizmodo (Ashley Feinberg/Gizmodo)

Speed Round:

  1. The Russian 'hack of the century' doesn't add up (russel Brandon / TheVerge)
  2. Old Frenemies Google and Barnes & Noble Unite to Fight Amazon (Issie Lapowsky / Wired)  via @WIRED
  3. Dropcam breakdown by AV insider @jmota3
  4. Apple runs limited-time sale on 20 popular ‘Amazing Productivity Apps’ for iOS… via @9to5mac
  5. What if Facebook Paid for Your Content Interaction?

Tips of the Week:

  1. Gmail Undo Send – Saving You from Your Mistakes… via @wonderoftech



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