Three Reasons That Startups Should Use a Business Accelerator

Every city, every community has a mover and shaker. Elton Rivas of KYN is Jacksonville's mover and shaker. With all that is happening in San Francisco, we normally don't highlight accelerators in Jacksonville, Florida. But, Mr. Rivas has boiled down the three reasons that startups should consider a business accelerator into basic truisms that apply anywhere in the world. A business accelerator sees the startup through its child, adolescence and adult stages. Listen or watch to Mr. Rivas's three reasons as he goes in depth into accelerator programs.

Business Accelerators Mean Efficiency 

"Reason 1: They(startups or startup teams) understand what accelerators are all about and they want to join the process"

"Reason 2: They(Startups or Startup Teams) need to focus on speed and human support"

"Reason 3: You want to build something that you want to scale"

SocialGreg's Uptake

Mr. Rivas brings up some good points about accelerator programs. Startups can 1) Do it themselves 2) Use an Incubator or 3) Use an Accelerator. The difference between a incubator and an accelerator is that an accelerator will bring you through a company's adult lifecycle where an incubator typically brings you through the infant to child phases. Both can give a startup venture a great foundation but Mr.Rivas's point on scalability is very true. Most startups can crumble underneath that part of the business lifecycle. I've been through a couple of companies trying to scale and it can be tough and if not devastating if you don't do it right. Another point, Elton brings up is support. Let's face it, we can't be great at everything. Having talent or mentorship to tap into for advice is a great thing. A lot do it with an advisory board and many startups can do it with an accelerator program. If you want to know more, check out KYN at


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