GlassesOff Enters the Android Realm

Around Christmas of last year we interviewed Nimrod Madar of GlassesOff.  If you are an Android user, age 40-64 years old and reading this with glasses, you can now join the ranks of the iOS users to improve your eyesight with their popular App. We interview Nimrod Madar, CEO of New York based, Israeli developed start-up GlassesOff -  ranked in the Top 20 of the Medical App category.  GlassesOff improves reading by enhancing the image processing function of the visual cortex(for the lay people, let's call that the brain). Watch or listen to Nimrod talk about their new android app. 

Android World is More Fragmented

"It was a challenging task, obviously we had to test many devices and make sure everything was working correctly"

"After testing over a dozen devices and have thousands of users using the application, the product works as good as we expected on the Android platform"

"We allow users to shift seemlessly between platforms, you can complete one session on your Android device and then a second session on your iOS device"

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