Startup Blog Insights - Agile Contingencies make Agile Happiness

This month, we take another journey into Agile thinking. We will go in-depth into a couple of articles on titled “Agile thinking requires forward contingency planning” and an article on Startup Blog “Agile success generates great feelings” with Taffy Williams, Examiner writer and entrepreneur, and the co-founder & CEO of Colonial TDC. Taffy gives examples from his experience of Agile ways of thinking and insights on how investors think. Give it a listen or a view!

How You Agilely Deal with Out of the Blue Issues

"You can do contingency planning up front...when something that emerges that can go in a positive or negative direction, it is important that you respond that can get you the best benefit"
"You go from extreme lows or extreme highs and in can see these emotions can impact your business"


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