Artificial Intelligence Used For Personal Fashion Concierge Service Hopes to Refine Product Searches for Your Fashion Taste

What is the beauty of e-commerce? - access to thousands of choices. And that is the issue. With the breadth of choices, convenience and ease of fulfillment, fashion e-commerce continues to grow with taking the lead(~$16B in 2015(est. $52B in 2020), 5% of total apparel sales). But, even with the search, it can take a long time to zero in on your tastes. That is where New York based comes in. The service learns your preferences and becomes your personal "concierge." Their current business model only works with department stores which is quite great. The quality of the photos that mature department stores offer and a solid fulfillment backbone isn't a bad starting point. In the future, I can see a Pepper robot embedded with algorithm to be an in-store salesperson someday. Last week, we spoke with co-founder Charese Embree of on what their service is trying to solve. Check out her interview!


"we are able to learn the shopper's preferences using machine learning and natural language processing"


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